Upcoming Event

16th Oct 2024


Updated Agenda to be announced by June/July

Learning Technologies Asia 2021

8:00 am


9:00 am

Organiser’s Welcome Address

9:05 am

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

9:15 am


Thinking Big: Driving Business and Skills Transformation for Future Readiness, Resilience and Success

  • Creating a skills-driven culture – What role does leadership and employee empowerment play?
  • Defining and designing enterprise capabilities to deliver on business ambition and value creation
  • What HR leaders can do to effectively fulfil the present and future talent needs of the organisation

Featured Speaker

Saurav Atri

Director, Global Learning – Manulife

Heather Gilmartin Adams

Senior Analyst, RedThread Research



Future-Forward: Investing in Programs and Technologies to Elevate Skills, Capabilities and Competencies

  • Essential pillars of a successful L&D strategy that aligns people, leadership and business objectives
  • Driving workforce agility and operational efficiency in the transition from role-based to skills-based
  • Transforming workplace learning, enhancing digital fluency and enabling disruption-ready possibilities


Jane Lai

Senior Vice President, Talent & Development | Head of Group Capabilities Development & Reskilling – UOB

Shailaja Sharma

Group Head, Learning, Development & DEIB – IHH Healthcare

10:30 am

Adopting a Renewed Focus on L&D in the GenAI Era

  • Matching the needs and expectations of the modern workforce with adaptive learning paths
  • Embracing a people-first mindset in leveraging GenAI to support and enhance L&D
  • Unlocking the benefits and potential of GenAI as a competitive differentiator
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Featured Speakers

Alexander Roche

Chief Executive Officer & Principal Education Technologist, Androgogic

11:00 am


We have got your key learning and development needs covered – Ask the experts and have your say! Structured to maximise interaction and in-depth focus on a topical subject matter, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a roundtable session of their choice, which has close relevance to their area of expertise and/or scope of responsibility.

11:30 am

Roundtable A

Navigating Tech Skills Transformation and the Future of Work

Roundtable B

Executive Coaching for Organisational and Individual Impact

Roundtable Leader

Meng Hwee Teoh

Head of Talent & Diversity, Asia – Sanofi

Roundtable C

Leveraging Learning Analytics for Greater ROI on L&D Platforms

Roundtable D

Personalising Learning Journeys through AI and Skills Taxonomies

Roundtable E

Strengthening Industry-Academia-Government Partnerships for Upskilling and Reskilling

Roundtable F

Applying a Skills-First Approach across the Talent Management Cycle

Roundtable G

Integrating L&D Systems in Employee Onboarding to Boost Learner Engagement

Roundtable H

Gaining Future-Ready Employability Skills through Flex Learning Experiences

12:30 pm


13:45 pm

Harnessing Contextual and Experiential Learning in AR, VR and the Metaverse

  • Revolutionising learning experiences through immersive metaverse environments
  • Transcending traditional learning boundaries with responsible and ethical technology usage
  • Redefining each stage of the employee learning journey and taking it from good to great
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Featured Speakers

Dani Johson

Cofounder and Principal Analyst, RedThread Research

Heather Gilmartin Adams

Senior Analyst, RedThread Research

14:15 pm


Fostering a Culture of Agile Learning that Promotes Talent Growth and Measurable Business Impact

  • Taking a learning-focused approach to overall business and people management
  • To what extent can learning culture positively impact strategy, innovation and employee engagement?
  • Assessing competitive advantages of agile learning on recruitment, retention and performance

Saurav Atri

Director, Global Learning – Manulife

14:45 pm

Advancing L&D Strategies for a Multigenerational Workforce and Shifting Work Paradigms

  • Understanding the realities of generational learning preferences and devising practical strategies
  • Blending insights from workforce diversity to identify upskilling challenges and opportunities
  • Investing in inclusive learning and knowledge sharing for work optimisation and collective effectiveness
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Featured Speakers

Alexander Roche

Chief Executive Officer & Principal Education Technologist, Androgogic

15:15 pm


15:45 pm


From Cost to Value Centre – Reframing the Business Criticality of LMS and Winning Stakeholder Buy-In

  • Making sense of enterprise LMS complexities to grow your people and business
  • Reducing the cost and impact of ramp time in accelerating employee productivity and performance
  • Linking LMS investments to business outcomes and informing smarter decisions for the bottom line


Arthur Lam

Director, Global Learning & Development, Asia – Micron

Heather Gilmartin Adams

Senior Analyst, RedThread Research

16:30 pm

Realities, Successes and Pitfalls of Scaling L&D and LMS Deployment

  • Convergence of various learning technologies and its impact on effective learning design and delivery
  • L&D rollouts in a period of resource downsizing – What are the main considerations and inhibitors?
  • Harmonising HR, L&D and OD teams in materialising a purpose-driven vision and shared goals

Binesh Menon

Director, Learning & Organisational Development – Asia Pacific – Emerson

17:00 pm

Closing Remarks & End of Conference